During the public review and comment period, INCITS makes available the draft American National Standards (dpANS) from our website.

The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) announces that the document(s) referenced from the download list is/are being circulated for a 60-day public review and comment period. Comments received during the open public review and comment period will be considered and answered. Commenters who have objections/suggestions to this document should so indicate and include their reasons. if the public review and comment period has closed, comments are still welcome and will be forwarded to the assigned INCITS Technical Committee for consideration at the next review period.

he public review and comment period also serves as a call for patents and other pertinent issues (IPR); further information on this topic can be found at our IPR section of the website.
Correspondence regarding intellectual property rights may be emailed to the INCITS Secretariat at patents@itic.org.

Submitting Comments:
All comments should be forwarded not later than the public review close date to comments@standards.incits.org.

Comments may be mailed to the following address:

INCITS Secretariat/ITI
1101 K Street NW - Suite 610
Washington DC 20005-3922

Downloading a dpANS:
The following page provides a list of documents that have been subjected to a public review and comment period. The free download only applies to projects that have been initiated nationally and being processed nationally (dpANS) that have had public reviews or that currently have open public reviews. This listing can be viewed from the public documents page. Here you can view, search or download the drafts.

It should be noted that these are draft standards and subject to change without any notice.

Requests for hard copies of the dpANS should be sent to the INCITS Secretariat. There is a fee for hard copies.

More information on the INCITS program of work can be found at our Standards Information page.