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INCITS -- the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards -- is the central U.S. forum dedicated to creating technology standards for the next generation of innovation. INCITS members combine their expertise to create the building blocks for globally transformative technologies. From cloud computing to communications, from transportation to health care technologies, INCITS is the place where innovation begins.

Our Standards Are the Heart of Innovation
INCITS relies on the expertise of thousands of engineers, entrepreneurs, developers, and other top-notch professionals to create consensus-driven, market-relevant standards that are at the heart of the tech industry.  Through participation in INCITS, industry leaders and users alike have the opportunity, through standards, to open new markets, dismantle trade barriers, and create the foundation for the future information technology structure.

A Leader at Home and Around the World
As the tech-standards leader at home and around the world, INCITS is the guiding force for global and U.S. information and communications technology standards.  Domestically, we create new American National Standards and, globally, we serve as the U.S. representative to the Joint Technical Committee 1 -- a premier international tech standards-setting organization.  This leadership role gives our members direct entry into the U.S. and global standards arena, and provides us with a strong platform to design the foundation for globally accepted, highly interoperable products.

We Match the Pace of Innovation
INCITS members are information technology developers, producers, and users of cutting-edge technologies -- all sharing a material stake in the development of a standard.  That’s why we work to match the pace of innovation, constantly developing approaches for new technologies and updating standards for older products that are evolving through innovation.  We work with to develop standards before a product goes to market so it is broadly accepted and a success in the global marketplace.