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How do we create standards? Here at INCITS, our program of work is segmented into what we call “projects,” each related to the development of a specific Standard, Technical Report (TR), or study area.  Each project is assigned to a Technical Committee, Task Group, or Study Group. Many of these committees also serve as U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) for the development of U.S. positions to the ISO/IEC JTC 1 or ISO Subcommittees.

The INCITS Executive Board is the consensus body who gives final approval to standards in the INCITS process.  The members of the Executive Board represent a diverse group of organizations from hardware and software vendors, government agencies, universities, consortia, and other organizations.

  • Visit theStandards Information pages for an overview of projects in he development phase of processing, approved Standards and the Technical Reports, international Standards that have been adopted and Standards that have been stabilized.
  • A list of the INCITS committees with a brief overview of their charters can be viewed here.

Below is a list of our technical committees, task groups, and study groups, all of which are actively working on projects.  Participation in active projects is open to anyone materially and directly affected by the work.