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BIG-DATA - BigData

About This Committee

The JTC 1 Working Group on Big Data was established at the November 2014 JTC 1 Plenary in Abu Dhabi:

Resolution 27 – Establishment of a Study Group on Big Data

Recognizing that Big Data:
• Has been identified by SWG Planning as an important future area for JTC 1 focus,
• Is a topic of consideration within SC 32 as reported to the Plenary, and
• Continues to be of interest to other JTC 1 Subcommittees including SC 27, SC 34 and SC 38

JTC 1 establishes a Study Group on Big Data for consideration of Big Data activities across all of
JTC 1 with the following terms of reference:

Terms of Reference
1. Survey the existing ICT landscape for key technologies and relevant standards/models/studies /use cases and scenarios for Big Data from JTC 1, ISO, IEC and other standards setting organizations,
2. Identify key terms and definitions commonly used in the area of Big Data,
3. Assess the current status of Big Data standardization market requirements, identify standards gaps, and propose standardization priorities to serve as a basis for future JTC 1 work, and
4. Provide a report with recommendations and other potential deliverables to the 2014 JTC 1 Plenary.


  • Group ChairDavid Boyd, Incadence Strategic Solutions
  • Vice ChairKeith Hare, JCC Consulting Inc
  • SecretaryWael Diab, Futurewei Technologies Inc

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Rachel Porter

Associate Manager, Standards Operations


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