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T11.3 - Fibre Channel Interconnection Schemes

About This Committee

INCITS/T11 is responsible for standards development in the areas of Intelligent Peripheral Interface (IPI), High-Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) and Fibre Channel (FC).

The standardization of IPI & HIPPI has been in progress since the mid 1980's, however, there continues to be activity on both fronts. The primary focus of T11 activities has been directed towards the Fibre Channel (FC) family of standards. It should be noted, that included in the FC family are "mappings" which allow protocols from both the IP and HIPPI standards families to be transported across Fibre Channel. This provides a straightforward migration path among all of the T11 standards families.

This technical committee is the U.S. TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC25/WG4.


  • Group ChairCraig Carlson, QLogic Corporation
  • Vice ChairRoger Hathorn, IBM Corporation
  • SecretaryPatty Driever, IBM Corporation

Staff Contacts

Deborah Spittle photo

Deborah Spittle

Associate Manager, Standards Operations