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INCITS Technical Committee on Internet of Things and Related Technologies Seeks Subject Matter Experts

INCITS/IoT, the US Technical Committee for ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41 on the Internet of Things and Related Technologies, represents US interests in the development of international standards. The committee is actively working on foundational standards, interoperability and use cases for the Internet of Things and related technologies that include applications in: industrial IoT, wearables, Smart Cities, utilities & Smart Grid, agriculture, societal and human factors in IoT based services, Integration of IoT and blockchain, Swarm intelligence for IoT, etc.

One of the key activities has been the development of a “Reference Architecture” that will allow developers and users to have a comprehensive view on the Internet of Things (IoT) to deploy or use IoT and related technologies. The development of interoperability standards and use cases will further enable effective IoT implementations.

Members of this group have a unique opportunity to make their voices heard on the development of standards and uses cases on IoT and the related technologies and to collaborate with experienced peers, while serving the broad community of service organizations.

Membership also provides the opportunity for international leadership roles. For example, one of the US experts Chairs the international Work Group responsible for Foundational Standards, the key for effective IoT implementation.

Members participate in three to four virtual meetings per year and one to two face-to-face meetings per year and are encouraged to contribute comments and reviews of standards. All members are also eligible to attend national and international meetings in person. To learn more about membership in INCITS/IoT, visit or contact Lynn Barra at