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Announcement of the 2007 INCITS TC Officers Symposium

2007 INCITS Technical Committee Officers Symposium

Washington, D.C. - July 11, 2007 - The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS), the primary U.S. focus of standardization in the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and ANSI's Technical Advisory Group for ISO/IEC JTC 1, today announced the featured guest speakers for the 2007 INCITS Technical Committee Officers Symposium, scheduled for July 16-17, in San Jose, CA.

This year’s conference will explore the evolving role of governments in the global ICT standards process and the key function INCITS plays.
The addition of Ms. Anne Lehouck, Ms. Frances Schrotter and Ms. Audrey Winter to the 2007 symposium agenda will provide conference attendees an opportunity to discuss the key intersections between technology standardization and governmental policy as standards serve to link the global ICT community. Highlighted speakers include:

• Anne Lehouck from the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, Policy Co-ordinator for ICT Standardization, will present the “EU Study on the specific policy needs for ICT standardisation”. The presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 at 10:00 a.m.

• Frances Schrotter, ANSI Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, will speak to attendees regarding the US role in advancing ICT standardization. The presentation is scheduled for Monday, July 16 at 9:30 a.m.

• Audrey Winter, Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for China Affairs, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, will examine the unique relationship of standards issues to trade policies. The presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 at 11:15 a.m.

“There was a time when developing standards for functionality and interoperability was the primary objective of the INCITS Technical Committees. Today, the landscape has become far more complex and the ability to reach global consensus on an interoperable standard is further impacted by national policies, trade agreements and cultural considerations. The 2007 Symposium brings together the talented men and women serving in INCITS leadership roles so that these other influences can be considered,” said Karen Higginbottom, Director of Standards Initiatives, Office of Strategy & Technology, Hewlett-Packard Company. “The participation of Anne Lehouck, Frances Schrotter, and Audrey Winter as symposium speakers will allow for an open, strategic discussion to advance INCITS standardization activities. INCITS Executive Board members: AIM Global Inc, Apple Inc, EIA, EMC Corporation,

Farance Inc, GS1 US, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM Corporation, IEEE, Intel Corporation, Lexmark International, Microsoft Corporation, NIST, Oracle Corporation, Sony Electronics Inc, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For more information on the 2007 Symposium, please visit the Symposium Information Page.

The mission of the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) is to promote the effective use of Information and Communication Technology through standardization in a way that balances the interests of all stakeholders and increases the global competitiveness of the member organizations. INCITS serves as the U.S. Technical Advisory Group for ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1, which is responsible for international standardization in the field of information technology. INCITS and the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) are jointly accredited by, and operate under rules approved by, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These rules are designed to ensure that voluntary standards are developed by the consensus of directly and materially affected interests. For further information, please contact INCITS, 1250 Eye St. NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005 ( The symposium is not open to the media. However, media availability with presenters can be arranged by contacting Lynn Barra at 202-626-5739.

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