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CALL FOR MEMBERS - New INCITS Technical Committee on Big Data

The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) has approved the establishment of a new technical committee on Big Data, INCITS/Big Data, to serve as the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to JTC 1/WG 9 on Big Data/ pending approval of a New Work Item Proposal (NWIP).  The INCITS/BigData will address standardization in the areas assigned to JTC 1/WG 9 which has been assigned the following terms of reference:

  • Serve as the focus of and proponent for JTC 1's Big Data standardization program.
  • Develop foundational standards for Big Data --- including reference architecture and vocabulary standards ---for guiding Big Data efforts throughout JTC 1 upon which other standards can be developed.
  • Develop other Big Data standards that build on the foundational standards when relevant JTC 1 subgroups that could address these standards do not exist or are unable to develop them.
  • Identify gaps in Big Data standardization.
  • Develop and maintain liaisons with all relevant JTC 1 entities as well as with any other JTC 1 subgroup that may propose work related to Big Data in the future.
  • Identify JTC 1 (and other organization) entities that are developing standards and related material that contribute to Big Data, and where appropriate, investigate ongoing and potential new work that contributes to Big Data.
  • Engage with the community outside of JTC 1 to grow the awareness of and encourage engagement in JTC 1 Big Data standardization efforts within JTC 1, forming liaisons as is needed.

The organizational meeting of INCITS/Big Data will be held by WebEx on March 6, 2015 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Eastern) / 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (Pacific).  The meeting will be convened by Mr. Keith Hare from JCC Consulting Inc.  Instructions for joining the meeting will be distributed to organizational representatives requesting membership on the new committee.

Membership on INCITS/Big Data is open to all directly and materially affected parties.  In order to comply with ANSI requirements, while all parties may participate in the discussion, only those organizations that are US National Interested Parties in the US may vote to establish a US position on TAG matters.  Membership on INCITS/BigData is required for US experts to the JTC 1/WG 9 on Big Data.  The 2015 fee for participation on INCITS/BigData is $1,310 per organization (one principal and unlimited alternate representatives).

INCITS/Big Data will operate under the ANSI-accredited procedures of INCITS - see the INCITS Organization, Policies and Procedures.  Organizations that request voting membership and attend the first or second meeting will attain voting rights immediately. 

The final report of the JTC 1 Study Group on Big Data (JTC 1 N 12188) is attached and provides more detailed information on the scope of the activity that will be undertaken by JTC 1/WG 9 and the US experts who join INCITS/Big Data.

Requests for membership on INCITS/Big Data should be sent to the attention of Jennifer Garner