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INCITS Supports New ISO Ink and Color Toner Cartridge Yield Standards to Help Consumers Make Informed Purchase Decisions

INCITS Supports New ISO Ink and Color Toner Cartridge Yield Standards to Help Consumers Make Informed Purchase Decisions

INCITS W1 members involved in development of technically robust, consensus-driven, international standards for measuring print cartridge yields

6 February 2007: INCITS today announced its members’ support of the publication of new standards for ink (ISO/IEC 24711:2006) and color toner (ISO/IEC 19798:2006) printer cartridge yields by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). INCITS W1 members are proponents of industry standards and believe rigorous, worldwide ISO standards to measure ink and color toner cartridge yields will help customers make more informed purchase decisions by objectively and accurately evaluating print cartridge yields.

INCITS W1 membership includes Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, IBM, Kodak, Lexmark, Oki Data, Pitney Bowes, QualityLogic, Ricoh, SpencerLab and Xerox. INCITS/W1 is the US Technical Advisory Group to the international subcommittee ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC28. SC28 is chartered with developing office equipment standards in the areas of: copying machines; page printers; word processors; electronic typewriters; facsimile equipment; office equipment supplies; office equipment specification sheets; and scanners.

The new standards for ink and color toner cartridge yields clearly define the key attributes that affect yield and apply robust statistical analysis so all manufacturers can utilize the same methodology when measuring yield. Until now, printer manufacturers have used a variety of methodologies to measure ink and color toner yields, making it challenging for customers to accurately compare yield measurements from leading suppliers.

“W1 has worked hard to provide input to ISO for the development of the new, internationally recognized ISO/IEC ink and color toner cartridge yield standards,” said Paul Jeran, Chair of INCITS W1. “We believe the robust criteria and consistency of the standards, combined with ISO’s unbiased and global approach results in significant benefits for customers and the printing industry alike.”

The new ink and color toner cartridge yield standards follow the adoption of the monochrome toner cartridge yield standard ISO/IEC 19752 in 2004. The ISO/IEC cartridge yield standards can be used to evaluate OEM (original equipment manufacturer), remanufactured and refilled toner cartridges.

The following are key provisions of these standards for inkjet and color toner cartridge yield:

• Standard test document suite: Use of a standard suite of 5 pages printed in a controlled environment with printer default settings.

• Number of cartridges tested: A minimum of nine of each cartridge is tested until they reach end of life, allowing reliable estimates of average predicted yield within statistically defined boundaries.

• Source for cartridges: Cartridges and printers used represent those available to customers on the open market.

• Clear, objective, end-of-life criteria: Determines cartridge yield using a well defined end-of-life criterion

• Number of printers: A minimum of three cartridge sets are tested on three different printers to avoid bias due to printer variability.

• Controlled environment: Printing environment is controlled and consistent because variations can affect yield.

• Objectivity: Because of worldwide and industry-wide participation, the testing criteria reflect objectivity in developing a reliable and rigorous

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