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INCITS Technical Committee on Digital Manufacturing Seeks Subject Matter Experts

INCITS/Digital Manufacturing represents the US in developing international standards supporting ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG12 on 3D Printing and Scanning. The scope of this work includes the development of standards specifically relevant to digitally enabling the prototyping and manufacturing of physical objects. This can include nomenclature, frameworks, interfaces, protocol specifications, and format specifications required for facilitating the digital control of the production and supply of physical objects. This includes additive and subtractive fabrication and automated assembly and distribution.

Presently, a primary workgroup focus is the development of a “Framework for Additive Manufacturing Service Platform” (AMSP). The platform will define a general functional architecture based on identified requirements and will identify typical AMSP work modes, leveraging use cases. This will provide guidance for both developers and users when constructing an AMSP or improving existing platforms to support printing and associated relevant services.

Other potential areas being examined include an Overview and Vocabulary for 3D printing and scanning and for 4D printing.

Members of this US technical committee have a unique opportunity to make their voices heard on the development of international standards for digital manufacturing and to collaborate with experienced peers, while serving the broad community of service organizations.

Membership also provides the opportunity for international leadership roles. Currently, one of the US experts is a co-editor for the international project on the Framework for Additive Manufacturing Service Platform (AMSP).

Virtual meetings are typically held monthly with one or two face-to-face meetings per year. Technical contributions and comments on draft standards by members are encouraged. All members are also eligible to attend the international meetings. To learn more about membership in INCITS/Digital Manufacturing, visit or contact Lynn Barra at