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INCITS Technical Committee on Governance of IT Seeks Subject Matter Experts

INCITS/GIT1, Governance of IT, is looking to broaden its membership of subject matter experts, senior practitioners and those that are generally concerned about governance and business process outsourcing (BPO). JTC 1/SC 40 is the international subcommittee on IT Service Management and IT Governance, and INCITS/GIT1 is the voice of the US community in that standards committee.  JTC 1/SC 40 also maintains a portfolio of standards supporting the relationship of ISO standards to other management models, such as ITIL®, CMMI®, and COBIT®.

For CIOs, collaborating with INCITS/GIT1 and ISO provides reflections and insights into real-world standards business drivers which may affect their organizations.

For senior service managers and experts, participating in INCITS/GIT1 is a unique opportunity to work with deeply experienced peers and to expand a national and international network.

Members of this group have a unique opportunity to make their voices heard on governance and service management standards and to collaborate with experienced peers, while serving the broad community of service organizations.

Membership also provides the opportunity for leadership roles; the US contributed two editors to SC 40 international standards and the Chair of INCITS/GIT1 is the leader of the working group developing ISO/IEC 20000.

Members participate in three to four virtual meetings per year and are encouraged to contribute comments and reviews of standards. All members are also eligible to attend national and international meetings in person. To learn more about membership in INCITS/GIT1. Visit or contact Lynn Barra at