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MPEG hosts Media Synchronization and Hybrid Delivery workshop

MPEG has initiated a new exploration, called MPEG Timeline Alignment, to consider use cases and requirements for potentially new standards to enable advanced media synchronization capabilities.  At the 110th meeting in Strasbourg, the Media Synchronization and Hybrid Delivery workshop was hosted by MPEG to better understand the current state-of-the-art for media synchronization and identify further needs of the industry.  Six presentations, that can be accessed at the MPEG website, were delivered at the workshop from both MPEG experts and external guests.  Presentations included an overview of existing MPEG technologies, and private extensions, that can already be used to implement hybrid services and synchronize media between different delivery methods, e.g. Broadcast and broadband delivery of media, and an analysis of new approaches for media synchronization.  In addition, workshop participants showcased six demonstrations.

Having achieved additional clarity of new aspects and requirements for media synchronization through the workshop, MPEG has decided to more closely study the use cases and requirements that can potentially be addressed in new standards.  An example of one such requirement that was identified is the ability to conditionally synchronize media or events using a programmatic description of the media rather than the widely used MPEG mechanism that restricts the designation of presentation time to an underlying reference clock.

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