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MPEG launches a new study for future video coding standardization

As previously planned and announced at its 109th meeting, MPEG (together with ITU-T SG 16's VCEG) hosted a panel discussion at the 110th MPEG meeting to explore use cases, requirements, and potential timelines for the development of future video coding standards. Guest speakers included Roger Bolton of Ericsson, Harald Alvestrand of Google, Zhong Luo of Huawei, Anne Aaron of Netflix, Stéphane Pateux of Orange, Paul Torres of Qualcomm, and JeongHoon Park of Samsung, who each provided excellent presentations discussing the needs of applications in their industry segments.

In this brainstorming session, several opinions were offered from the panelists, and other participants as well, who collectively represented a variety of industry, academia, and research institutions. Aside from confirming that maximizing compression efficiency remains a fundamental need, the expressed views were diverse and it is evident that the needs among applications and industry segments vary. MPEG has therefore recognized a need to further study future application requirements, and the availability of technology developments to fulfill these requirements. Toward establishing a roadmap for future video coding standardization, MPEG has established two ad hoc groups to conduct this study. MPEG welcomes the input of all experts to exchange views, help map the video compression needs of the industry to future standardization activities, and discuss potential technologies that could be employed in such a video coding standard.  

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