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In the fast-paced environment of information technology, standards are critical to success in the marketplace. The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) is the development forum for market-relevant standards that drive the Information Technology Industry.

Through participation in INCITS, industry leaders and users alike have the opportunity through standards to open new markets, dismantle non-tariff trade barriers, and create the basic building blocks of the future information technology structure.

This information will help industry engineers, product managers, and company management evaluate the approaches available for standardization of their technology which will result in globally accepted, highly interoperable products.

Through INCITS, there are a number of standardization options:

  • Technical Committee Development through INCITS
    INCITS offers a forum whereby a preliminary draft receives collaborative industry input throughout the development of a standard. This avenue also results in an American National Standard.
  • Entry into the International Standards Development Arena
    INCITS offers entry to U.S. Delegations that participate in the international standards development arena for information technology standards.
  • "Fast-Track" Externally Developed Standards
    INCITS accepts candidate standards that were developed by external bodies for adoption as American National Standards.

All three options allow entry into the international information technology standards arena. This international body is known as the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC 1). INCITS can readily fast-track an American National Standard into the international arena.

INCITS provides a variety of services and tools for the technical experts. These include but are not limited to:

  • A forum to gain broad industry consensus.
  • Technical input and discussion with multiple industry sectors.
  • Staff support to ensure public review, committee operations and other value added services.
  • Editing guidelines for the standard using internationally accepted formats.

No matter which option is chosen, the existence of a standard ensures many of the following:

  • lack of confusion in the marketplace.
  • interoperability of your products.
  • lower product development costs.
  • the ability to satisfy procurement requirements.

Membership in INCITS is open to any organization or individual that completes a Membership Agreement and pays the required fees. 

In today’s complex global marketplace, your company, organization, or agency needs every advantage it can get. The answer is strategic standardization, and it is vital  in making everyday life work. Visit the ANSI Standards Boost Business website.