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INCITS is the central U.S. forum dedicated to creating standards for the next generation of technology and innovation.  Our members create the building blocks for globally transformative technologies, from cloud computing to communications, from biometrics to software engineering.  INCITS develops and promotes the adoption of formal information and communications technology (ICT) standards with global relevance and reach, and advances the U.S. position on standards for ICT products and services in the international arena.

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  • New Projects that are newly approved to begin development work.
  • Public Review of Projects: This section provides notice of the public review and comment period for INCITS Draft American National Standards,  including the national adoption of ISO and IEC standards as American National Standards, and on proposals to revise, reaffirm or withdraw approval of existing American National Standards. This is a complete list of notices for the current year. You can also search the INCITS project database for drafts that may be in the public review stage of processing. INCITS announces that these document(s) have been circulated for a 60-day public review and comment period as specified on each notice. Comments received during the period noted will be considered and answered. Commenters who have objections, suggestions or comments should so indicate, include their reasons and suggested alternative language, if appropriate and send them to

    The public review and comment period also serves as a call for patents and any other pertinent issues (copyrights, trademarks). Correspondence regarding intellectual property rights may be emailed to the INCITS Secretariat at

    Actions related to processing an INCITS standard, such as new approvals, reaffirmations, adoptions, revisions and withdrawals are also posted for public review and comment in the ANSI Standards Action that can be found on the ANSI website.

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New Standards and Technical Reports
INCITS standards and technical reports that have been recently approved and waiting for publication.

INCITS Technical Reports
Technical reports are informational or tutorial in nature, and they do not contain matter implying that they are normative. They are produced, in some cases, to disseminate the technical and logical concepts reflected in standards already published or under development. In other cases, they derive from studies in areas where it is found premature to develop a standard due to a still changing technology, or inappropriate to develop a rigorous standard due to the existence of a number of viable options, the choice of which depends on the user’s particular requirements. INCITS has two types of technical reports: 

  • those approved and published by INCITS as INCITS Technical Reports, and
  • those approved and published by INCITS and registered with ANSI

INCITS Approved Standards
The list of approved standards are projects that were developed using the national process as defined by the INCITS procedures.  These are the projects that are designed as "".

INCITS Adopted Standards
INCITS policy is to adopt as “Identical” American National Standards all ISO/IEC or ISO standards that fall within its program of work, with exceptions as outlined in our procedures.  INCITS follows the “Expedited Procedures for the Identical Adoption of an ISO or IEC standard as an American National Standard.” 

INCITS Stabilized Standards
Whenever it is determined that a standard has ongoing validity and effectiveness, but is mature and unlikely to require maintenance of any sort, it can be designated as a stabilized standard that removes the requirement for periodic review.

INCITS Withdrawn Standards
The withdrawn standards list provides an index of the INCITS withdrawn standards and development projects. Please note that these documents are no longer ANSI standards or technical reports. Information about these withdrawn standards is provided for historical interest only and should not be used for new designs.  All copyrights remain in full effect.  All rights reserved.  Contact Lynn Barra ( for additional information or to purchase an electronic copy.

  • For Standards and Projects withdrawn prior to 2014 - view the PDF file
  • For standards and Projects withdrawn in 2015 or later - search our online database. NOTE: You must set the filter to State="Withdrawn" and click the box to "Show Inactive Projects"

Freely Available International Standards
International Standards for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry are developed within the ISO and IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC 1). In accordance with ISO/IEC JTC 1 and the ISO and IEC Councils, some International Standards and other deliverables are made freely available for standardization purposes.

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