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Opportunity for experts to participate in INCITS/Artificial Intelligence Technical Committee

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently a much talked about technology and holds much promise. AI is already used in many products and services e.g. in healthcare, online fraud protection, predictive analytics, recommendation engines and many other areas. In fact, almost every segment is expected to be impacted by AI. While AI brings many benefits, it also raises concerns, for instance regarding data privacy, unintended bias and ethical and societal concerns of people who use or come into contact with such technologies, or whose personal data may be used by these systems. Created under the auspices of ISO/IEC JTC 1, the information technology arm of ISO and the IEC, subcommittee SC 42, Artificial intelligence, is the only standards body looking at AI holistically.

INCITS/AI, the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 on Artificial Intelligence, represents US interests in the development of international standards. It was established in 2018, in response to international standardization needs. Last month, SC42 had its sixth plenary and INCITS/AI facilitated the participation of US delegates.

There are now over 20 projects currently under development. These include:

  • ISO/IEC 22989, Artificial intelligence - Concepts and terminology
  • ISO/IEC 23053, Framework for Artificial intelligence (AI) systems using machine learning (ML)
  • ISO/IEC 42001, Information technology – Artificial intelligence – Management system:
  • ISO/IEC 24668, Information technology – Artificial intelligence – Process management
  • framework big data analytics
  • ISO/IEC 5259-1, Data quality for analytics and ML - Part 1: Overview, terminology, and examples
  • ISO/IEC 5259-3, Data quality for analytics and ML - Part 3: Data Quality Management Requirements and Guidelines
  • ISO/IEC 5259-4, Data quality for analytics and ML - Part 4: Data quality process framework
  • ISO/IEC TR 24027 Information technology - Artificial intelligence (AI) — Bias in AI
  • systems and AI aided decision making
  • ISO/IEC 5338, Information technology – Artificial intelligence – AI system life cycle processes

 Additionally, a new Technical Report (ISO/IEC TR 24028: 2020) was recently published and provides an overview of topics relevant to building trustworthiness of AI systems. One of its aims is to assist the standards community in identifying specific standardization gaps in AI.

To address the rapid progression of the INCITS/AI program of work, the current meeting schedule is to hold virtual meetings once a month. Participation can range from simple monitoring of the activities to full technical engagement with contributions and comments on draft standards. In the case of the latter, standing ad hoc groups have been established to facilitate technical dialogue and collaboration. In addition, all members are eligible to attend the SC 42 international meetings.

“Now is a great opportunity to join the committee whose member organizations are from the US industry, government, and academia,” said Rohit Israni from Intel, Chair of INCITS/AI. “There has been sufficient progress in multiple areas and prospective members can see what is under development and understand what it means to their organization. This is an opportunity for US AI experts to collaborate with their peers both here in the US as well as in the international arena to address pressing issues and concerns in artificial intelligence today.”

To learn more about membership in INCITS/AI, visit or contact Lynn Barra at